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Where are these Singers? Where are these Singers?

Topic started by raguraam (@ on Mon Aug 25 05:50:56 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

In recent times we had a lot of singers who sing just one song and vanish as we had one gopal rao who sang "Dilruba " from priyam , Sowmya who sang "aalana naal mudhala" in Kadhal kavithai, similarly we have been missing singers like Mano,arunmozhi, Sunandha,Vibhasharma, febimani and Sriram,Sandhya who sang "deepangal pesum" in devadhai, in this list some are really worth listening.similarly Magadhi is also vanished without a trace,Rajalakshmi who sang in nandha that devotional song
similarly we are not getting Enough stuff from SPB. Charan who is so talented and we are missing him a lot ,I think the last song he sung was in Student no.1"vilamalaee erukka mudiyuma"and yugendren is too missed Yuvan used him in songs which are not so memorable to remember and as a result that songs too failed.
similarly TFM misses services of Chitra (HJ uses her regularly),Swarnalatha is also missed,Except sujatha most singers have been not regular in TFM.Even Harini is now missed a lot she too sings too little, While Chitra sivaraman still struggles to find a decent place in TFM.
Friends is anyone here i have mentioned any recent songs please mention here.


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