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Does TFM lack any self respect Does TFM lack any self respect

Topic started by Needhi (@ on Sun Jun 29 01:08:20 EDT 2003.
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This morning newspaper says Udit Narayan is the highest paid singer in tamil now.He is charging 80000 per song and the additional charges are 12000 to 14000 for his flight and few thousands for his stay and food expenses.Almost a lakh of rupees is being wasted on a person who cant pronounce tamil words.The audio market is suffering because of piracy,FM radio overexposure of music and so many other problems.
The trend is only becoming worse and worse.Even in "BOYS" singers like Adnan Sami and Lucky Ali are used by paying huge sums.Will ARR and Vidhyasagar think?????? because they are the main causes of this sorry state of affairs.


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