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Topic started by Sangeetha (@ on Sun Jan 10 14:47:27 EST 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Forwarded Message from SUN WORLD TV:

1st JAN 1999.


We are happy to inform you that we are making all arrangements to launch the channel as soon as the formalities are all tied up.

As they say 'The best things in life are worth waiting for'. So wait and watch out for SUNWORLDTV, The test signals are underway, We will be on air soon.

A lot of you have requested that we use the platforms used by Zee and Sony as you have these connection already or plan to take these connections.

Much as we understand your problems with regards to having to purchase an extra satellite dish, which would, not only mean extra costs but also extra space. We must inform you that the DirectTV network and Dish Network are not enthusiastic about starting another Indian channel.

They do not believe that the South Indian community is large enough to take up that kind of programming. They are reluctantly committing approximately 4 hours of programs for all the four languages, which is not sufficient at all.

Our plan is to start as a 24-hour channel for the four languages together first and then slowly move to having 24 hour programming for each language. To do this we need to get on a platform, which is open to such expansions.

The Japanese channel comes on a platform which does not have too many channels but the Japanese people in the USA have supported the platform and proved that what is important is not the platform but the program that they want to see.

We hope that the South Indians in the USA and Canada will also take the Japanese approach and look at the program and not the platform. We are in the process of striking a deal with 'Telstar' and we are also negotiating a good deal with the satellite dish agents to give us a good deal on the dish or absorb a part of the dish cost. With regards to the subscription fee we are looking at a upper point of US$ 19.99 per month.

We hope to keep updating you very regularly as we make progress on various activities.

Please do pass on information to all your friends who may be interested in subscribing to this channel as well.

Thank you once again for all your enthusiasm

Wishing all of you a Very Happy & Prosperous 1999

Come Home To India


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