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IR Fans Sucessfully shutdown Boys Thread IR Fans Sucessfully shutdown Boys Thread

Topic started by Break The Rules (@ on Wed Jul 2 16:38:14 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

The stupid morons IR fans have taken their immaturity to newer heights and have sucessfully shutdown the BOYS thread.

Their Vayatherichal was reaching unbelievable extremes. Infact would you believe one moron was ccoying and pasting some stupid messages and destroyed the thread?

However all this goes to say that the sucess of Boys is just adding more and more fuel to the Vayatherichal!

More Vayatherichal means the album is more successful.

So now that the vayatherichal has shutdown the thread completely it just goes to show how much carcenogenic Boys must have been to poor vayatherichal IR fans


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