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Songs with the sound of a train

Songs with the sound of a train

Topic started by Viswanath S. (Viswa) (@ on Thu Apr 2 03:09:33 EST 1998.
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I was just thinking of songs which had the sound of a moving train blended into them. I was surprised with the number of songs I could recollect in a flash ! (Was'nt surprised though, that all of them are Ilaiyaraja's :)) The ones that struck me right away are :
* Poovarsam poo poothaachu
* Manjal nilavukku inru ore sugam
* Idhayame (from Aduthaathu Albert)
* Goods vandiyile
* Interlude in Poongatru pudhiranadhu
I'd like to know more such songs, and by other MDs as well...


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