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Why Malaysian Tamil songs are just same ??? Why Malaysian Tamil songs are just same ???

Topic started by Ekam Satyam (@ on Thu Jun 5 10:07:51 EDT 2003.
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Why are most of the songs by Malaysian Tamil bands & artistes are all sounding the same ???
I mean most of the songs are based on the same simple drum beat, screeching guitar sound, fast-rap like shouting vocals, etc which is the trend started by those "saavi" band and their song
"sister's daughter". They somehow call this style as "samba rock".

Any "ulloor" (local) Tamil song you listen to, whether in radio stations, TV, audio shop, functions, etc ... you will listen to this type of song only ... Why do the bands & artistes just copy or follow this style ? Are there no other styles in music or they don't know any other style that exist in music ?? Are there no creativity among Tamil musicians in Malaysia ??

Most of the Malaysian Tamil songs are in this style that one music director from Tamil cinema thought this is Malaysian Tamil music and used it in his song "O podu". Now many Tamil cinema songs are using this "O podu" style ...

Just because that "sister's daugther" song somehow became famous among Malaysian Tamil youth, the other bands, artistes, recording labels, producers, etc are just churning out songs only based on this "kaatthaan" sound ... when you listen to the sound, it reminds you of uncivilized jungle inhabitants dancing wildly & performing their rituals ...

Also the Malaysian Tamil bands & artistes ... they all look like drug addicts, criminals, cult worshippers, gangsters, etc. Long untidy hair, weird moustache-beard styles, ear-rings nose rings, black attire, angry look like want to whack somebody, etc ...

Even their band names & album names sound crazy & gothic ... "sudugadu", "devil ana", "peyi", etc. All they know is heavy metal, rock, rap, hip-hop ... only the youngsters who are same "case" like these bands & artistes listen & support them ... nobody else listens or support this so called "musicians" ... bcoz there is really nothing to enjoy in these songs ... just unpleasing sound ...

if want to criticize more, can keep on going but only wasting time ... what happened to Tamil music in Malaysia ? Is this Tamil music in Malaysia ? Nobody can do real good music among Tamil people in Malaysia ?

"...vaalga Malaysia Tamil isai ..."


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