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IR & ARR Fans:Answer Together IR & ARR Fans:Answer Together

Topic started by peeps (@ on Tue Dec 18 08:58:39 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Is technology the only area where ARR excels IR?
Can ARR create music with natural instruments?
If ARR is soo great why cudnt he give a good background score?
Why ARR songs dont stand the test of time as IR's or MSV's???
What has ARR done to TFM in this 10 years which other MD's
failed to do?
Can he create complex music as IR?Complex here i mean multiple
layers one above the other..

If IR is genius then why is he not a hot cake now?Why cudnt he give
music which suits the taste of present generation?Does IR fans enjoy
his present music the same way as they enjoy his 80's classics?Why
IR fans are mostly fanatics?Why people who know carnatic or western
or instrument players have high regards for IR?What shud IR do in
the future?Continue with TFM or create albums like HTNI & NBW?


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